Time-lapse photography is a new undertaking for me, but I have taken it on in 2017 as an extension to my astro-photography. All time-lapses were created using individual images (typically between 500 and 1000 individual shots), then post-processed in Lightroom using the excellent LRTimelapse add-on to create the final video.  Note that video quality as-played from this web-server is not all that great, so I will eventually post to YouTube also and provide links from this page.

Milky Way Time-lapse Over Three Fingered Jack

Marion Lake, Oregon​​​​​​​

July 2017 time-lapse taken from Marion Lake, looking south over the lake toward Three Fingered Jack. For bonus points, spot the geo-stationary satellite (i.e., it stays at a fixed location). Total duration of the time-lapse was around three hours.

High Cascades Milky Way Time-lapse

Historic Gold Butte Fire Lookout, Oregon

Late June 2017 time-lapse taken from the historic Gold Butte Fire Lookout in the Oregon Cascades. The time-lapse was started about 40 minutes prior to moon-set, then ran well into the night for a total run-time of just over three hours. While the moon was up the sky took on a very blueish tint, then quickly transitions to blackness. However, following that watch close for the slow start of the dark sky "Air Glow", the green color that first appears on the horizon then slowly works it way up and eventually covering the entire frame by the time the video ends. 

High Cascades Milky Way Time-lapse #2

Historic Gold Butte Fire Lookout, Oregon

Same video as the previous, but this one uses LRTimelapses capabilities to crop and pan across the video images, effectively simulating camera movement on a traditional slide mount.
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